Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thank you SO Much for being a part of wonderful Tuesday morning with us! We pray that you'll be blessed and encouraged by the music these next two hours.

Music during the 11:00 hour - Newsboys, Christian Walker, Paul Boloche, Andrew Peterson, This Hope, Avalon, Jason Eaton, Ten Shekel Shirt, Marie Miller, 4-Him, Denver & The Mile High Orchestra, Sonic Flood, and Rich Mullins.

Also, a very special look at the amazing miracle of life! Clearly visible head, arms, nose, upper body, legs. What a beautiful picture of God's blessings. This is my 'soon to be' niece and the first child of my brother and sister-in-law. They JUST found out yesterday if their baby was a boy or a girl! We ALREADY know that she's going to be spoiled. The baby girl is due on March the 6th and this will be my first go around with being an uncle! We praise God that the babyand the mother have been healthy so far.

Music for the Noon Time Hour - Dan Macauly, Passion, Brandon Heath, Meredith Andrews, Chris Rice, V Music, Natalie Grant, Kristian Stanfill, Scott Riggan, David Huff, Stephanie Newton, and Petra.

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