Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday, June 13

*According to a survey by eHarmony and Harris Interactive of those aged 20 to 54, the happiest time in a marriage is 11 months and eight days after their wedding.

All I can say is, Wow! Those people have good memories! I can't even remember whether or not I put shredded cheese on my grocery list! What makes you happy about your marriage right now?

*Going with bangs for your summer haircut? Here's what that says about your personality: "You're conscientious about your diet, and although you're not in the gym every day, you take daily walks to stay in shape. You always know what's in style and your friends take their cues from you when it comes to fashion." (Courtesy of Mike McVay Media)

*Thinking a salad for lunch? Buy a bag! Assuming your office has a kitchen, it is cheaper to run to the grocery store than the drive thru. Need an idea? How about baby spinach and lite poppyseed dressing ... you can build on this but this is all you need. Nice additions are dried fruit, boiled eggs, or cheese crumbles.

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