Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday, May 16

On today's show, I talked about throwing a graduation party on a budget. Here are a few ideas from

-Once you have your time, date, and guest list, you will need to send out graduation invitations. This could be your biggest money saver when throwing a graduation party on a budget. If most of the guests are technologically inclined, you can use a website like, or create an event on Facebook. The best things about using these websites is that they are free, they will keep track of RSVPs, and they are easy to create. For the less technologically minded guests, you could send traditional invitations. Go to a place like Target or Wal-Mart. You don't have to spend a lot of money on invitations that will eventually wind up in the trash.

-Another way to save when throwing a graduation party on budget is to be smart when buying party supplies. Take pictures of your graduate from birth to graduation and place them all around the party site. People will have much more fun looking at the photographs than anything else. Don't spend a lot of money on special graduation cups, napkins, and plates. Instead, buy plain supplies in the graduate's school colors. The same goes for any balloons or streamers.

-You can easily throw your graduation party on a budget and sill have plenty to eat. Try to have your party at an hour where guests won't be expecting a lunch or dinner. Have little snack foods that you can buy in bulk from a place like Sam's or Costco. Instead of a big expensive cake, think about having cupcakes frosted in the school's colors. If you plan to have carbonated beverages, buy the generic, or, better yet, don't serve sodas at all. Try homemade tea or punch which can be cheaper.
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