Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday, April 27

The medical community is now saying that too much screen time is bad for our children's hearts and eyes. If you are looking for activities away from the computer, TV, and even phone--check out this list of "101 Screen-Free Activities."

*Our family has been TV-free since we got married 15 years ago, with a few notable exceptions (we often borrow a TV at the holidays and during the Olympics). I feel that being without a TV has been a good choice for our family, and yet even without TV we are a very media-centered (dependent) family. We have an extensive DVD collection and the kids love their computer games. My husband is an IT professional and I am in media, so being on "plugged in" is very much a part of our lives. I found the above "Screen-Free list" a good reminder of the number of things I used to do--and would like to do again.

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