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"Passionate (Bieber) Worship"

On Saturday afternoon, I took Lindsey and a friend to the roller rink to celebrate her 12th birthday. While we were there, I noticed a group of girls there for an all-girl 7th birthday party. The mom came in with a Justin Beiber hoodie--even dad was wearing (I'm sure kicking and screaming!) a t-shirt with the name "Justin Beiber" ironed on in navy blue. The presents and party favors had the face of Justin on them- before the haircut- I should note! To top it off they had a 5 ft. tall cut-out of Justin over the in corner where all the girls could pose for a photo. When the song "Baby" came on there was a scream in unison of 10 little seven-year-olds skating as fast as they could back out onto the floor. No one had to encourage them to sing along to their favorite song- they did it naturally. Wherever Justin's image was- they wanted to be. They were worshipping- wholeheartedly and passionately. Although their worship was misplaced, I think they have something to teach us.

When we are passionate about something we don't complain about our schedules, our lack of sleep, or how we can't fit it in. We can't help talking about it and couldn't imagine NOT fitting it in. (Think about March Madness and our favorite teams- lack of sleep is part of the badge of honor which shows how big of a fan you are.) If we are really consumed with Christ we are going to move heaven and earth to get our photo taken with His cut-out or sing His song (so to speak.) The more I think about this, our schedules are not our issue- it is misplaced passion or more simply put- idolatry. How would you fill in these blanks: "I will be happy when ____________. OR I could be happy if ___________ would happen." There is a good chance whatever is in those blanks is an idol.

The Lord is showing me caffeine is something that I go to in order to get that buzz when I'm down. I feel the Lord wants me to give that up for a season. I am praying the Lord will grant me an increasing passion for time spent with Him.

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